Wolf Block

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In this science fiction short story, a rich young woman enlists to serve in her government's military to honorably complete her duty to society. She expects to deal with people who come from the lowest economic classes, so it is no surprise that her roommate is not from a wealthy background. The many rumors from prison sector W84-88D, "Wolf Block," are no surprise either, but she dismisses the notion of a secret conspiracy. However, she does not expect to be wrapped up in the mystery when the enigmatic prisoners of Wolf Block take a special interest in her.

Journey to Yandol, and other stories

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Lesson One: Revolution!

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How thin is the line between social obligation and unnecessary meddling? Or between fighting for freedom and terrorism? Or between teaching youth and warping their beliefs?

In this first Dan Starney novel, a seemingly-quiet history teacher has secret plans to restore liberty in the nation, forcing an examination of these questions when he suddenly finds himself in the public spotlight after being pulled by his school into a controversy surrounding one of his fellow teachers.

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Two Boys, Two Planets

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In this tale of space adventure for beginning readers, a boy on Earth with his eyes to the sky finds out he's not the only one in the solar system with the desire to visit other planets. This is a book for beginning readers, with vocabulary and sentence structure to match. Resources in the back of the book help teachers and parents find more factual information about Mars for young readers who show an interest in learning more.

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