The Ambitions of Kreltahk

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The kingdom is crumbling.

Rumors fly about kurakvin raids. The short, strong, and bloodthirsty kurakvin haven't been seen in the kingdom since the last war with them, long ago.

The king won't acknowledge the rumors. Nobody can show proof, not even his own wizards, although his trust in the wizards is fading fast.

Amid the chaos, Kreltahk laughs. He knows an opportunity when he sees one. He knows the kurakvin have returned. And he knows how to use them to serve his goals.

Kreltahk's goals are simple: Rule the land and everyone in it. Showing mercy is optional.

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The Vengeance of Mirickar

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Mirickar is on the hunt.

His quarry: An ancient enemy race that others deny are even in the kingdom. Mirickar knows better. The kurakvin murdered his parents and he couldn't even give them a decent burial. But Mirickar grew up on a farm and doesn't know much about combat.

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A Psychological Thriller in a Science Fiction Setting

A man like Birkran Kinru should feel comfortable in a highly-automated world. Birkran likes to be left alone. People make him nervous. With menial labor handled by robots and digital communications making in-person interaction unnecessary, Birkran should be able to enjoy the tech-enabled seclusion. This might be possible, if only he had a permanent home of his own. Instead he must scuttle through the underbelly of the city, from one hiding place to another, knowing the government can watch every move.

No Fanfare

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Donovan is driving back to the city when he stops his taxi to pick up a strange man with an even stranger tale to tell. The man has come home, but home seems to be missing. His explanation for it couldn't possibly be true... could it?

This is a short story of approximately 1,860 words.

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Extra Credit: Loyalty!

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After he admits his true role in his failed attempt to overthrow the US government, Dan Starney suddenly finds himself out of prison and on the run. The police are on his heels, but they're not alone in looking for Dan. The bonds of loyalty are stress-tested repeatedly as Dan seeks to regain control over his own future and what remains of his revolutionary army.

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