Two Boys, Two Planets

In this tale of space adventure for beginning readers, a boy on Earth with his eyes to the sky finds out he's not the only one in the solar system with the desire to visit other planets. This is a book for beginning readers, with vocabulary and sentence structure to match. Resources in the back of the book help teachers and parents find more factual information about Mars for young readers who show an interest in learning more.

Comments from Reviewers

"[My daughter] absolutely loves the pictures, and this book is read to her at least a few times a week. I can see it staying in our library for many years to come." - Stacie Bass

"I find that this book is a fun way to encourage discussion in the classroom and for children to talk about other planets in our solar system and beyond." - H.K. Gilbert

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In addition to the Kindle edition, Two Boys, Two Planets is also available in print, to allow full enjoyment of the richly colored illustrations. Ask for it at your nearest bookstore or order it online from one of the following retailers:

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