Three-mode Timer with silent option

I ordered one of these for my company several years ago. The brand marking is a bit different, but other than that it looks like the same unit. It's fantastic! My original intent was to have a timer that would flash a light instead of making any sound, so that an on-camera interviewer would know when to start wrapping up the interview without any sound being picked up by the live mics. This does that quite effectively -- the red strobe is eye-catching and with the light as the only enabled alarm it is perfectly silent.

However, this timer can do a lot more. Of course, you can turn on the audible alert and use it like any other timer. Or, if you'd like a subtle reminder while visiting with guests that you need to go back to the kitchen to check on food that is cooking, you can use the vibration alert instead.

The timer is solidly built, easy to use, and includes a clip with a strong magnet, making it easy to use in a wide variety of situations.

Of course your smartphone may have a very useful timer on it, so not everyone will need a separate timer, but I highly recommend this one if your other timer options are not meeting your needs.

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