The Vengeance of Mirickar

Mirickar is on the hunt.

His quarry: An ancient enemy race that others deny are even in the kingdom. Mirickar knows better. The kurakvin murdered his parents and he couldn't even give them a decent burial. But Mirickar grew up on a farm and doesn't know much about combat.

Sraikura, the neighbor girl, also survived the kurakvin raid. She just wants to run and hide. Mirickar delays his mission of vengeance to seek a hiding place for her in the nearby forest. She has other ideas and begs him to stay with her, insisting that a mysterious magical power in the forest will protect them both. Protection isn't what he wants. Protection won't rain vengeance on his parents' killers. Before they can agree on a plan, a tragic accident takes Sraikura away from him.

Despondent and questioning all of his decisions and actions, Mirickar sets out to die in battle with his enemy. By chance he meets an old warrior, a man who might teach Mirickar to fight. To be successful in his hunt. But the old warrior thinks it's folly, and he presses Mirickar with troubling questions. Can he really find any kurakvin to fight? If so, will he prevail? And to what end?

But Mirickar will not be deterred. There are kurakvin in the land. Kurakvin he intends to kill.

This is a novella set in the same world as the Chronicles of Madarre novels.

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