Staples-brand 100% recycled copy/printer paper

I love this paper. It's the only thing I use in my home and small business for regular printing. Naturally I wouldn't use it for a glossy brochure or for photos, but for the kids' homework, business reports, invoices... it's great. My teenage son was surprised when I told him it was recycled, so that should help you see how good the quality is. I've never had problems with it feeding through our stand-alone printer or our multi-function (fax/copier/printer) devices.

Also, it's not just 100% recycled, it's 100% recycled post-consumer waste. Industrial waste is important to recycle too, but I prefer to "close the loop" on my recycling. I doubt any paper I've bought has actually had content from paper I put into the recycling system myself, but

I never buy this from Amazon, since I have a Staples within a few miles of my home. Even if you don't have one close to you, Staples sells it on their Web site too, by the ream or case. Or just get it from Amazon! :)