Lesson One: Revolution!

How thin is the line between social obligation and unnecessary meddling? Or between fighting for freedom and terrorism? Or between teaching youth and warping their beliefs?

In this first Dan Starney novel, a seemingly-quiet history teacher has secret plans to restore liberty in the nation, forcing an examination of these questions when he suddenly finds himself in the public spotlight after being pulled by his school into a controversy surrounding one of his fellow teachers.

Narrowly missing that spotlight, math teacher Karena Walsh begins to suspect there is more to Dan than the mild persona he shows at school. Taking it upon herself to investigate, she faces even more conflict as her feelings toward Dan begin to change. Dan's careful planning begins to unravel as the school controversy heats up, and he and Karena are forced into decisions that neither one wants to make.

This controversial book has been called everything from "disturbing" to "a MUST READ" -- take a look and decide for yourself!

Comments From Reviewers

"The subject really had me wanting to stop reading. Mostly because I can totally see it happening. I could not stop reading it, though. It drew me in and kept me reading until the very end. [...] I can't tell you that I love this book, but I will tell you that I am going to read it again." - Stacie Bass

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