A Psychological Thriller in a Science Fiction Setting

A man like Birkran Kinru should feel comfortable in a highly-automated world. Birkran likes to be left alone. People make him nervous. With menial labor handled by robots and digital communications making in-person interaction unnecessary, Birkran should be able to enjoy the tech-enabled seclusion. This might be possible, if only he had a permanent home of his own. Instead he must scuttle through the underbelly of the city, from one hiding place to another, knowing the government can watch every move.

Birkran wants nothing to do with politics. He especially wants nothing to do with Corlane Deryala, an ambitious young politician who seems burdened with health problems. Nor does Birkran want any connection to a mysterious hacker with strident anti-government views. Birkran would stay far from these other men, but he seems trapped in a strange connection to both of them. His off-the-record doctor seems motivated to help, but Birkran is left with more questions than answers. Despite his paranoia, people seem to leave him alone... until he realizes that somebody is toying with him for their own benefit. What he learns about the politician and the anarchist opens a surprising new door for Birkran.