Journey to Yandol, and other stories

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This book is a collection of short stories that are mostly science fiction. "Journey to Yandol" follows the misadventures of a space freighter pilot who just wants to go on vacation but finds that it keeps eluding her as crime and corruption drag her into something much larger. "Power Off" explores an alien invasion scenario kicked off as retaliation for an attack we didn't know we were making. "Tea Leaf Technology" introduces a sneaky and technologically-empowered galactic cult. Finally, "Tramp Avatar" is a short tale of a young man confronting the complexity of reality on what started as an ordinary day.

The approximate lengths of these stories are: "Journey to Yandol," 10,000 words; "Power Off," 2800 words; "Tea Leaf Technology," 2400 words; and, "Tramp Avatar," 1800 words.

Stories within this book have been released under open licenses that encourage sharing. However, you may still wish to order a copy through Amazon for convenience (e.g., to have a paperback to easily carry with you, or if you want to be able to easily add the book to your Kindle), or just to support the author.

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