The Brothers Four: Merry Christmas

When I was growing up, one of the traditional parts of our family Christmas was listening to (vinyl) Christmas records. Some were good, some were just "OK." My favorite, by a long shot, was Merry Christmas by The Brothers Four. Unfortunately, my parents got rid of their Christmas albums, and the vinyl originals are now apparently "collector's items" that I've seen priced over a hundred dollars – not something I would consider spending for Christmas music! I was glad to see that the album was re-released on CD, but it didn't last long and I didn't move fast enough. Now, a used CD can cost over $30, which is still more than I'd want to pay for it.

The collection of MP3s that is now released under the same album title has most of the music from the original album, so I can enjoy my favorite Christmas music at a lower price. I'm a little disappointed that it leaves out two tracks and changed the order of tracks (the latter point not really being a big deal since I can change the track order in the MP3 files). I think the "cover art" for the MP3 collection is very silly and amateurish. However, having these tracks available as MP3s for purchase through Amazon is better than missing out entirely.

If you enjoy male vocal harmonies, I recommend giving the Merry Christmas samples on Amazon a listen. Hopefully you'll like their music as much as I have over the years!

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