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The Library Hurdle

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with one of my sisters, who provided me with an inside scoop on getting a book into a public library's collection (or, more accurately, the collection of a library system). It's certainly not as easy as I had sort-of hoped, but I guess I wasn't being realistic. However, given her input, I might actually be able to accomplish it with enough diligence.

It's not a new blog, really

This isn't really a new blog, even though this is the first entry you'll find here. If you visited my site before I switched it to Drupal, you would've seen the earlier content. That was lost in translation, as it were, and the older content wasn't worth recovering, so this one is starting over fresh.

And no, it's not an error that you'll see this same post in another blog on my site, because I did indeed manage to make the same mistake with two blogs. {sigh}


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