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Becoming a Squid

I've found another fun site where it's really easy to create dynamic pages that engage readers and present all sorts of fun features. Like another site I mentioned awhile back, but (hopefully!) without the attitude problems. This one is called Squidoo, and if you enjoy writing or just building fun Web pages, I recommend joining. You can also use it to earn money, for yourself or for charity or both.

Screenplay Writing Made Temptingly Easy

My past participation in NaNoWriMo exposes me to a few related things, including Script Frenzy, which is a project to write a 100-page screenplay within one month. I don't have the time to tackle such a project this year, but I did at least take a peek at the information about it, since I've been "sitting on" a couple screenplay projects (one short, one feature length).

eBook Project Progress

I'm starting to make some good progress on the eBook. In fact, I've already started working on building up a little bit of a marketing machine to help promote it (using an affiliate model, of course, so that those who promote it will earn money from it). The eBook has a tentative price tag of $7, as that is a common price for this type of item which encourages "impulse" buys and allows enough margin to give a decent amount to affiliates. I may increase the price before it's released, though.

More on eBook Writing

By chance I stumbled upon an eBook that describes how to write eBooks. I decided to buy a sample (yet useful) eBook, but the wrong product was delivered, and it turned out to be an eBook about writing eBooks. So, in addition to seeing it as an example, the information in it looks very helpful. That's not to say that it's a very good product, in fact I wouldn't recommend it, but mainly because it's poorly written. The concepts seem pretty sound.

The eBook Marketplace

In recent years I've been interested in exploring ways to sell electronic books ("ebooks"), either directly through my site or through a third-party site that handles all of the details of sales while taking a cut of each sale. The link above will take you to ClickBank, which is a site that you can use to sell your electronic products for immediate download, but it's not the only site that offers this capability.


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