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My New Speaking Engagement

This week, my writing took a new turn. I had been wanting to try Dragon NaturallySpeaking for a long time. Over the years, I have used various voice dictation software programs, but I have not tried anything modern other than the voice recognition built into Windows Vista which is more of a toy than a tool. As of this week, I am now using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Home edition. When I first started writing creatively, I was using pencil and paper in elementary school. As I got older I switched to a pen, which is not a very big upgrade.

The Reader's Role in Tomorrow

I could say "change is in the wind" but that would be trite. Silly. An understatement. And grossly outdated! When it comes to creative products and how they reach people who will appreciate them, change was "in the wind" at least by the early 1980s. By the end of the 80s and early 90s, at the dawn of the Web, the change was developing from a faint whiff into a distinct trace, attractive to some and repellent to others. That was decades ago! Change is no longer in the wind, change is the wind, and I don't mean a mild summer breeze!

A Few Hashtags

I can't say that I've had much success with "social network" marketing for my books (or any other marketing, for that matter), but an intriguing idea I saw mentioned in the Kindle Boards forum involved use of book-specific hashtags on Twitter. So, for future reference, I plan to use the following hashtags in tweets about my books.

Just 99 cents! (But only in July...)

As a way of celebrating my birthday later this month, I decided to put the electronic editions of Lesson One: Revolution! on sale for the whole month! Previously sold for $7.99, you can now get your copy for just 99 cents! This is valid for both the Kindle edition and the Nook edition, so take your pick and start reading today. No Kindle reader? No Nook either? Still want to take advantage of this super low price? "There's an app for that!®"

The Value of a Community

I made a number of mistakes when I self-published Lesson One: Revolution! last August. Hopefully not too many in the text itself, but definitely in preparing it for the market. One mistake, which I remedied fairly quickly, was only publishing it in paperback form instead of publishing both print and electronic editions right away. That mistake was pointed out by some potential readers, and as soon as I published the Kindle edition, I made sales I probably would not have otherwise.


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