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The Value of a Community

I made a number of mistakes when I self-published Lesson One: Revolution! last August. Hopefully not too many in the text itself, but definitely in preparing it for the market. One mistake, which I remedied fairly quickly, was only publishing it in paperback form instead of publishing both print and electronic editions right away. That mistake was pointed out by some potential readers, and as soon as I published the Kindle edition, I made sales I probably would not have otherwise.

Stories Via Tweet: The #svt_ prefix for hashtags

If you follow me on Twitter (@Crenel), you're going to see something new showing up... It will be the #svt_sjw hashtag, and it will be used to string together a story that will be strewn among my other tweets. I'm using #svt_ as a prefix to mean "story via Tweet" and the last three letters are my initials. This way, other writers can use the same prefix to do the same thing, while keeping their stories separate from mine. (If hashtag clashes come up, I recommend adding a numeric suffix; e.g., Stephanie J.

#SampleSunday: A bit of Lesson One...

This is my first time participating in #SampleSunday. Today I am posting a sample from Lesson One: Revolution!, which is available as a paperback, as well as a Kindle book and a NOOK book. If you like this sample, I hope you will also read the samples that are made available through the online retailers, and, naturally, order your copy if you like the samples you read!

Lesson One: Revolution! Now Available as NOOK Book

As of today, you can get Lesson One: Revolution! for the Nook reader. Just stop by the Barnes & Noble site to get your copy, for under $5. This is my first book to prepare for the Nook, and now that I've done one, I can see that any future e-book titles I self-publish should probably be set up for the Nook first. This means formatting it as an ePub file, which I can then also submit directly to Amazon for the Kindle version.

Changes and Updates

I haven't been blogging much lately, but I want to share a few quick updates...

  • I haven't delved into writing zombie stories, but if you like them, you should check out the "vote your own adventure" story that Mark Lidstone is doing on his site. Not only can you help decide how the story takes shape, by voting after each chapter is posted, but you can win prizes — and one of those prizes might be a copy of Lesson One: Revolution! for the Kindle!


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