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The Mobility of the Low-Tech

As I expected it to be, September has been insanely busy around here. Lots of task switching (almost none of it optional) has left me little time or mental space for work on my main novel project, which is something I started in 2006 for my first NaNoWriMo and has grown substantially since then. This has not put a stop to my writing, however, as I've managed to sneak in some writing time in much the same way I did for the first novel I ever wrote, and its sequel.

Concepts and Abandoned Drafts

If you ask most authors, I expect they would readily agree that they've thought about many more story ideas than they've written down, and started writing many more stories than they've finished. Perhaps they have a collection of first drafts that have never been edited, too, and maybe some third and fourth drafts that also never made it to the point of being finally done. That's a lot of unrecorded ideas and incomplete stories, when you think about how many writers there are in the world!

A Brief Answer to Libel

I should not have to defend myself from pseudo-anonymous attacks on the Internet in which people are posting false statements about my participation in "taking down" the LendInk site and/or accusing LendInk of piracy. I had no involvement (and still have had no involvement) with LendInk at all. I have also avoided making statements regarding any "piracy" on that site because, from what I understand, there was none, and (more importantly) I have zero experience with LendInk. According to everything I've read, it was a meeting place to initiate legal transactions, so (if that is true, which I have no reason to doubt) I would have had no reason to speak out or take action against that site. For the easily confused, I will state clearly: I have not had, nor do I have now, any complaint against LendInk.

Integrity, Blogs, and Comments

Many indie authors I know maintain blogs like this, and those blogs almost always have comments enabled, where other indie authors (or random passers-by) can put in their two cents on the topic at hand. This is no surprise, right? You've surely seen plenty of them. Blogging is another way to get your writing out there, and to share your views, and to promote things (like books) that you want to promote. Whether you like it or not, though, your blog is another way to affect your reputation, both positively and negatively. It depends on how you write and how you behave. If you write poorly, or behave poorly, your reputation will suffer (especially if you have a solid reading audience for your blog).

Integrity is a value we like to see in others, and hopefully we aspire to demonstrate it in ourselves. Integrity, according to the dictionary, is a firm adherence to a code of values. It does not condone hypocrisy or falsehood; integrity implies honesty, trustworthiness, and so forth. Integrity can be demonstrated in your behavior online as well as offline; certainly, it can be demonstrated in how you behave on your blog or that of others.

This all comes to mind today because, amid a discussion with a blogger who posted in anger about something – a matter where her information was wrong and where she might not have been as angry if she understood the facts – the blogger deleted my comments where I was trying to inform her of the facts. Did she acknowledge any value in my responses, or re-evaluate her position? No, she just deleted my comments, and blamed my commenting for disabling future comments. It's not like my comments were advertising herbal cures or get-rich schemes, nor was I promoting my books or Web projects. They were on-topic comments specifically addressing her post, with the intent of informing her and her readers of some easily-demonstrated facts. But because she didn't agree, she deleted my comments and the valid, easily-proved information in them.

Plant Some Trees, Get a Book

To celebrate July — one of my favorite months because it starts with fireworks and ends with my birthday — I'm offering a free electronic copy of Journey to Yandol, and other stories to anyone who supports one of my favorite non-profit organizations, the Arbor Day Foundation.


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