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Flash Fiction: Kallmarn's Quest

I've always been a fan of reading and writing long-form fiction, but today I cranked out a "flash fiction" piece that I decided to share here on my site. It's called Kallmarn's Quest and, as that page indicates, the original inspiration behind it was to help my son introduce new players to D20-style gaming. With a complex game it can sometimes be hard to figure out where to begin when explaining it, and I feel that having some context, to paint the big picture, is important before delving into details like how to roll up a new character.

Closing the Loop, Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you try this printer/copier paper and don't like it, I'll give you two free e-books!

Okay, so you might think that offer is a bit odd. After all, why promote paper using e-books? A little background may help. When I was growing up, my family was fairly involved with our church, and one of the things we did to raise money for the church was collect materials for recycling. I don't know how much money was involved, but we collected a lot of glass and newspaper back then. I won't underscore my age by saying how far back that was. Anyway, I grew up with a mind toward recycling. Also, my formative years included watching moon landings on TV (yep, there's that indication of age again) and the excitement of manned space exploration, and this – combined with recycling – helped me understand that we have limited resources on our "spaceship" (Earth). This leads me to being a bit fanatical about recycling, but now that I'm older I understand that it's not a perfect scenario. Just because I put something into the recycling bin doesn't mean it will actually be recycled. It may end up in landfill. In another country. I would like to do my small part to help fix this sad situation, beyond simply putting things into the recycling system. I don't have the wealth of Bill Gates to put into a cause like this, but I do have assets in the form of my books. That's where the idea for this offer comes from.

Three Cheers for Three Star Reviews!

Often, a newly-published author will want five-star reviews for their book. Along the same lines, the friends and family of a newly-published author will often want to give five-star reviews for the book, thinking that high praise will promote the book and help the author sell more. They may also want to avoid lower ratings because they might "hurt" the author's feelings and/or sales. This is nice, but concerns about hurting sales are not very accurate. Surprisingly, while four- and five-star reviews can be pleasant for the author to read, there is a lot of value in a three-star review. Authors shouldn't be dismayed to receive them, and readers close to the author shouldn't be afraid to give them. Consider this blog post a "celebration" of three-star reviews!

Excerpt - First Draft, Sequel to Lesson One: Revolution!

The following is an excerpt of the first draft of a possible sequel to Lesson One: Revolution! This was posted in response to a blog post by Ksenia Anske in which she suggested sharing works-in-progress online without concern for illicit copying. Please remember this is first draft quality, not the final product, and it's possible this sequel will never be published! If you'd like to read an excerpt from the earlier novel, you can do that via the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon.

Extra Credit for Liberty (tentative title) by Stuart J. Whitmore

Chapter 1

“I never used to sign these things,” Karena said, forcing a smile and trying to sound casual as she began filling in her personal information on the petition. It was clipped crookedly to a clipboard held out by a middle-aged woman who looked as bored as stone. There were already more than a dozen names on the page, and on the wobbly table in front of the woman Karena saw a thin stack of already-filled pages. The table was placed just outside the entrance to one of the small, regional-chain supermarkets in Branner Glen, and Karena felt like she was blocking the door by standing there to sign the petition. “It's funny how you can meet someone who changes how you look at things like politics.”

I'm Going Mobile

I may not be Pete Townshend, but I'm “Going Mobile” anyway, at least in terms of my writing. Last month I received a Nexus 10 tablet and my intent with it is to be productive rather than just using it as a media-consumption device (although clearly it's designed for, and very good at, that purpose). With my prior Android experience limited to a cheap Android phone, the big question for me was what apps I would need to install to be productive. While some aspects of my work (such as system administration) won't be of interest to readers of this blog, the decisions I'm making app-wise for writing might be useful to share with other writers.


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