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If you're looking for the latest news about the writings of Stuart J. Whitmore, you've found the perfect blog for that! If you're not interested in news and just want to see what books are available, see: StuartWhitmoreAuthor.com

More on Authoring in Markdown

In recent Tweets from my @Crenel account, I have mentioned that writers would be better served by a fully-featured text editor and a basic understanding of Markdown than by the typical word processor included in an "office suite" (e.g., Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect Office, or a free alternative like LibreOffice). Since a tweet is limited to 140 characters, and expressing complex concepts is not really in the scope of Twitter, I thought explaining Markdown in more detail here would be a good idea.

Recovering After the Fire

A week ago, a fire that was probably arson heavily damaged a building on Orcas Island here in Washington State. I'd like to help out the victims of the fire, using one of my books, and you can help me without spending a dime.

Make Money on My Books in 3 Easy Steps

Edited 7 MAY 2014 to add information about Wolf Block and to improve formatting in Step 1.

Want to supplement your income and do me a favor at the same time? If you follow the three easy steps in this blog post, you can do just that. The first two steps are really easy, while the third (which is the one that has the most impact on how much money you will make) is easy at a basic level but doing it at a more effective level will take some effort and skill.

Introducing Crenel Publishing

What is Crenel Publishing, and what does it have to do with my writing? And what do the books The Kaleidoscope Pony, The Yummy Scrummies, and Blue Sparrow all have in common?

Flash Fiction: Kallmarn's Quest

I've always been a fan of reading and writing long-form fiction, but today I cranked out a "flash fiction" piece that I decided to share here on my site. It's called Kallmarn's Quest and, as that page indicates, the original inspiration behind it was to help my son introduce new players to D20-style gaming. With a complex game it can sometimes be hard to figure out where to begin when explaining it, and I feel that having some context, to paint the big picture, is important before delving into details like how to roll up a new character.


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