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More Books Than You Can Read

With the flood gates opened by digital publishing, anybody who likes to read can be pretty much set for life without spending another penny, if they know where to look. But how do you find them? You can rapidly go from thinking "sitting here watching the clothes go 'round is the dullest way to spend my Friday night" to "that book was so great, I can't believe the author let me download it for free" but only if you know where to look, and how to open the book to read it. This admittedly-hasty, late-in-the-day blog post will help you do just that!

Fit Time in for Writing

"Fit time in for writing." That was part of my overall 2014 goal of exercising my creativity instead of always focusing on other responsibilities. As any active writer can tell you, though, this goal is a lot easier to make than accomplish if you're either not writing full time or attempting to write full time but not yet supporting yourself with your writing. Other aspects of life seem more "important" even though, in the long term, producing a book that sells well could easily be more important than resolving the day-to-day things that always come up. I have not set aside enough time for writing, and lately I feel like I've accomplished something if I get a mere hundred or so words written.

Save Over 75%, Today Only!

It's Valentine's Day! Wouldn't you love to get over 75% off a children's book that has been praised by parents and young children alike? If you move fast, that's the deal you can get today on Two Boys, Two Planets! If you don't catch it in time — and there's a timer on that page to let you know when you can kiss that bargain goodbye — the deal tomorrow is almost as sweet. To get to the heart of this: You can buy the Kindle edition today for 99 cents. Tomorrow the price goes up to $1.99, on Sunday it goes up to $2.99, and on Monday it goes back to it's regular price of $3.99.

Do They Have Mail?

Anybody who was old enough to witness the sudden explosion of commercial online activity in the 1990s will almost certainly remember the "You've got mail!" new email sound for AOL, which they promoted so heavily in their advertising that even non-AOL users would be familiar with it. It even became the title of a movie in the 90s. While the level of AOL advertising has thankfully subsided (no more garbage discs constantly arriving in the mail!), email is still an important part of our Internet-enabled lives (even though some people are unwisely opting to use inferior tools like Facebook messages in place of email). If you're a writer who wants to stay in touch with readers, you should consider the question that is the title of this blog post: Do they have mail?

Win an Autographed Book Set!

Want to win an autographed set of my books? It's easy to do, and you have until the end of February to enter to win. All of the details are in the Facebook post at that link, but the gist of it is that if you help me get more people to like my fan page on Facebook, you and a person you refer to that page could win an autographed set of all of the books I currently have in print. This is part of a broader push to improve my book marketing.


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