My Writing: Miscellaneous Thoughts & Notes

The separate page on which I featured the works of other writers has been removed, as it was not set up optimally for keeping it up-to-date. I encourage the writers among my circle of friends and family to set up an account on the Crenel Publishing site, which can be used to promote your books even if you're not a Crenel Publishing client.

Skeptical about e-books? Some statistics about e-readers and reading & literacy might help change your mind.

In case you're interested, I use a quite a few different writing tools, depending on the purpose and my work environment. These include:

Most of the time I write in a plain-text editor, using Markdown formatting, and the text files are stored in Dropbox for access wherever I go. I generally don't use Microsoft Word for my own material, but it is not uncommon for me to use it for a client's project.

I also created a guide about how to choose a corporate (business/industrial) video production company, in case you happen to be in the market for that. It's more "presentation" than "article" but if you're in the market for a video producer, you should give it a look.