World Tour by Books: Results

This is the page where I will list all of the countries I have reached with my books on or after the tour start date of November 15, 2015. This was mentioned in my blog post (Can I Visit The World?). I will also track all of the states I reach in my own country (the US). Please note that for this tour I have chosen to take a stance of absolute political neutrality as described below.

At the start of the tour my overall book sales are not very active—to put it gently—so you shouldn't expect a lot of activity. However, I would certainly appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this project, especially if you have friends or family in other countries!

Countries Reached To Date

The tour just started, so currently this list is empty! If you buy one of my books right now and submit the purchase report form, as explained in the blog post, you could be the first to appear here. How can you pass up that unique opportunity? :)

Political Neutrality

I am well aware that some people consider themselves to belong to a country that others do not recognize and/or find controversial. My choice was to either draw a line and decide which potentially-controversial countries to include, or to adopt absolute political neutrality. Either option has its risks, but I chose to strive for the latter. If somebody claims to be from a country and it is not obviously fictional (e.g., Mordor) then I will include it, even if it is controversial.

On the other hand, to avoid mischief-making for political purposes, if a country is submitted and I think it has a high chance of causing controversy, I will delay listing it until I am at least assured that the claimed book was actually purchased in an area that could be attributed to the contested country.

Actually, I might maintain a separate list for fictional submissions from people who buy more than one book... hmm....