A Brief Introduction to Kindle Unlimited

If you're already familiar with Kindle Unlimited and want to give it a spin, click the ad shown here to sign up for a free trial.

Not familiar with it? Here's a quick intro:

  1. You don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books.
  2. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service for reading Kindle books.
  3. It is an all-you-can-read program, perfect for those who like to read a lot.
  4. There is no extra cost, beyond your subscription, for reading books through Kindle Unlimited.
  5. Not all books are available for the Kindle, and not all Kindle books are available through Kindle Unlimited… but many books are.
  6. Books that are available through Kindle Unlimited are not available through any other e-book platform (NOOK, Kobo, etc.)
  7. The more you read, the more the authors you read are paid.
  8. Some, but not all, of my books are available through Kindle Unlimited.

Ready to give it a try? Click the ad to sign up for your free trial, and then—of course—check out one or two of my books. :)