A Markdown Skeleton

Sorry, this is not a Halloween story! Instead, this is a quick intro to using Markdown for writing novels. I encourage writers to use Markdown instead of a word processor, and I offer clients of my book formatting service a discount if they deliver their manuscripts in Markdown. Per the suggestion of Christopher Mahan, I created a self-documenting skeleton of a Markdown file that can be used as a starting point for writing a novel.

The skeleton file is attached (see below), along with an ePUB that was generated from it. To generate it, I used pandoc with the following command:

pandoc --atx-headers --epub-chapter-level=2 -f markdown -t epub -i markdown_novel_skeleton.txt -o markdown_novel_skeleton.epub

The ePUB validates as an EPUB 2 file, but it has a number of things that would need to be adjusted before publishing. For example, I would split apart some of the files and apply semantics accordingly.