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Is this the end?

This is a rather personal post, but it is about photography. I'm in my late 40s, and looking back over my life I can see that there were very few years where I felt that my life was going in the direction I wanted it to. Those years included a small segment of my time in the military, a small segment of my time getting my degree, and (to a lesser extent) a small segment of my professional work in the late 1990s. A lot of my creative interests, including photography, have been undermined by a number of factors along the way.

Eliminating Shadows When Shooting With a Flash Indoors

The following is an edited version of an email conversation I had with another photographer.

If you want to eliminate harsh shadows that appear behind your subject when shooting indoors, the standard answer seems to be to add more light, from one or more additional angles. If you look up "three point lighting" on the Web you'll find countless diagrams for how to set it up in theory. I've never had the lights/strobes for that, though, so I get creative with bouncing light — and avoiding indoor shooting when I can! ;) Someday I intend to get better lighting gear, though.

Sensor Cleaning Not So Bad After All

Somewhere along the line, years ago, I apparently got the idea into my head that cleaning the sensor of a DSLR was a technical, risky, and expensive operation that only the most adventurous would attempt on their own. (Yes, I know that technically it's not cleaning the sensor, it's cleaning the filter over the sensor.) Once that idea was there, it just sat in the background, making me fret (mildly) at each lens change that this might be the time I exposed my sensor to dust.

Gallery Offline (for now)

This evening I removed the photo gallery that has been a part of my site for years. I was never really satisfied with how it was (or rather, wasn't) integrated with the rest of the site. It always "sort of" worked, but it was not reliable, easily maintained, etc., and it always slowed down the process of upgrading the site framework software that I use.

50 in 50, a new personal photo project

You wouldn't guess it from this blog, but no, I'm not dead, and no, I didn't sell my camera gear and give up on photography. However, I have definitely not been as active as I would like, so to spur myself into action I assigned myself a personal photo project. I call it "50 in 50" and it means "50 days in 50mm." The goal is to "blip" (post a photo to blipfoto) every day for 50 days, each one using the 50mm prime lens that I have not really used as much as I expected when I bought it. It sort of takes me back to my early days of photography since I only had prime lenses then.


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