Other Photographers

For quite awhile now, the Writings section of my site has included a page to feature links to other writers whom I know. As I was working on this new version of my site, I realized that I should also have a page to feature links to the many talented photographers I've come to know, both online and offline. So, that is what this page is all about!

[Photo by Leroy Allen Skalstad]The morgueFile.com site is discussed in depth elsewhere on my site, and there are a great many talented photographers who give the world free access to their works (not as "public domain" but with an extremely generous license). The list here is certainly not meant as a "best of the best," nor does it include every photographer whose works I respect (for example, I greatly respect the street portraiture of Leroy Allen Skalstad). This list mainly reflects those with whom I have personally interacted a lot, on the morgueFile site and often beyond. I invite you to explore the works of...

Michael Connors: morgueFile, or his site: mconnors.com
Kevin Connors: morgueFile
Kenn Kiser: morgueFile
Emily Roesly: morgueFile, or her site: Emily's Imagery
Dawn Turner: morgueFile
Scott Liddell: morgueFile, or his site: scottliddell.net
Gracey Stinson: morgueFile, or her site: Photography of Grace
Paul Anderson: morgueFile, or his site: The Camera's Eye
Belen Mendez: morgueFile, or her site: nacuweb.com

(That list will surely grow when I put some more thought into it!)