A Novel Schedule

I've defined a bit of a schedule for the novel I am now writing for NaNoWriMo and it looks like this:

Nov. 1 - Begin writing novel [done]
Nov. 10 - finish first four chapters, hand off as a set to readers [almost done]
Nov. 20 - finish chapters 5-8, hand off as a set to readers
Nov. 30 - finish the first draft, hand off chapters 9-12 to readers
Dec. 15 - Start designing the cover, finalize additional inner texts (acknowledgments, etc.)
Dec. 31 - receive critiques from readers
Jan. 20 - Poll friends/family about various cover designs
Feb. 28 - finish 1st rewrite
Mar. 15 - finish final draft
Mar. 16 - begin finalizing digital submission materials
Mar. 20 - submit materials to print-on-demand publisher (CreateSpace)
Mar. 30 - sketch novel-to-screenplay mapping
Apr. 1 - Begin writing novel-based screenplay for Script Frenzy
Apr. 15 - Release novel for sales through Amazon.com (depends on overall CreateSpace process)
Sometime later - Become enormously wealthy and famous from book, movie, and related sales :)

This makes a lot of assumptions about my ability to set aside time for this project, so at this point I wouldn't exactly make any large bets on my sticking to the schedule. Wish me luck!


It's December 1, and I'm still on schedule, meaning the first draft is done. Lots of work ahead, no doubt about that, but I'm glad to be where I am right now.

Look back to December 15 on the schedule. Yep, that's about where I am, despite now being at the end of January. Hmm!

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