Word Play and Expanding My Mind

I like words. I think that's pretty obvious, given the "wordy" nature of my site, and considering how many words I've written just for the fun of it. Not only do I like reading and writing words, I like learning new words, and learning how words we use today came about (some rather suddenly from "pop culture" and others with a long history of evolution). I even like the word for "the history of a word" -- etymology.

So, of course, I like things that help me learn new words. For example, I'm signed up to receive a "word of the day" email from Merriam-Webster online, which I especially like since it includes both a sample usage and the etymology of the featured word.

Today I ran across a site offering vocabulary software. The site says that the software "contains five books: SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and VOA Special English, with more than 12,000 words, each word provided with meaning, phonetic symbol and pronunciation." It apparently has built-in tests and games to help learn the words (although, to not be very humble, I pick up on words pretty fast anyway).

It all sounds pretty cool, especially for a word nut like me. (Yes, I know that "pretty cool" doesn't demonstrate a strong vocabulary, but you'll just have to put up with it from time to time if you read my blogs!) I haven't tried Vocaboly yet, so I can't vouch for it personally, but they do offer a free trial so you can bet I'll be giving it a whirl soon.

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