Writing up the Wrong Tree?

Maybe I should write a story called The Wrong Tree. Perhaps it should be my autobiography...

As some who know me already know, I'm trying to make some key decisions about my life, especially regarding my career. Despite posing as an author here, I should clarify that I have never been published for pay, other than self-publishing a small (tiny!) book of short stories, which has sold only a few times. As for unpaid publishing, that's pretty limited too -- a political piece in a newsletter, an academic paper in the proceedings of an annual meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, that sort of thing. And, of course, online publishing of short stories on my own Web site, which I don't recall ever resulting in any reader commentary and certainly no monetary or other "tip jar" donations.

So is writing just a waste of time for me? Just an idle thing to do when I have some free time, or I'm looking for a way to avoid doing some unpleasant chore? There's no hint of anything in my past that would suggest a writing-based career, whether creative, technical, or otherwise. This puts into question whether I will get any significant writing done anytime soon, despite my "2008 goals" comments earlier.


In the time since this post originally appeared in my blog, I managed to shake off the doom and gloom attitude. I now have multiple titles on the market (available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), and those titles are selling, even if not as much as I'd like. While I don't believe in the "you can do anything you set your mind to" notion (it's just not connected with reality), it is apparent that we can talk ourselves out of being what we want to be, if we're not careful. Keep pushing for your goals; even if you don't fully reach them, it's better than giving up. When I see new sales of my books, I'm very glad my "doom & gloom attitude" did not lead to me giving up!

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