Reading To My Young Audience (Again)

As I mentioned in my older blog, I recently read out loud the third draft of novel #5 to my kids, who seemed quite pleased to have it read to them. After I reached the end of that novel, it didn't take them long to request that I read another of my novels to them. So, we agreed to tackle novel #6, even though I warned them that the first draft was not yet finished. One of them decided not to listen in, since she wanted to read the completed work, but I still have two in my audience.

Of course, this makes me want to work more on that draft, as it gets me thinking about the story line and also brings to mind various discrepancies that I need to resolve (or story elements that should be worked back in which I've let drop due to spreading my work on the novel out over nearly two decades). I mentioned in my last post to this blog, though, that novel #6 is going to move to a back burner if I'm going to meet my 2008 goal of having a novel (#5) ready to submit to a publisher.

We'll see how much discipline I have in staying focused on polishing up novel #5 instead of writing new material in novel #6!

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