The Library Hurdle

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with one of my sisters, who provided me with an inside scoop on getting a book into a public library's collection (or, more accurately, the collection of a library system). It's certainly not as easy as I had sort-of hoped, but I guess I wasn't being realistic. However, given her input, I might actually be able to accomplish it with enough diligence.

This relates to a marketing plan I have for the one novel that is closest to being ready to publish. Since I am an unpublished author (at least in the book market), I know I have some significant obstacles to having my novel picked up by a major publisher. So, I am developing a specific marketing plan for it to help prove to a potential publisher that there is a market for it, i.e., that they're less likely to lose money on it than the work of another unpublished author.

Of course, research will definitely make that marketing plan more realistic, and what I found out from my sister definitely counts in that sense. Of course, all the planning in the world won't help if the novel itself isn't ready, so I need to find more time to work on the current draft of it. That probably won't happen in what remains of this calendar year!

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