Miscellaneous Interests

I have had, and still have, a lot of content on my personal Web site, and not all of it fits into a nice page or menu structure. This page is sort of a catch-all for things that don't fit elsewhere, i.e., things I don't want to get rid of entirely but also don't want being "visual clutter" elsewhere on the site.

Music has always been an important part of my life, whether it was listening to LPs on headphones, watching as my brother practiced with his rock bands at our house, writing lyrics, or otherwise keeping a life soundtrack going as often as possible. I like a very wide variety of music -- from classical to punk, from EDM to heavy metal, from jazz and show tunes to grunge, and more.

Outdoor activities have also been important to me for basically all of my life, since my family was actively hiking, camping, and fishing even when I was a toddler. I tried to ensure that my kids had plenty of outdoor adventures, but (apparently a typical parent's lament) I wish I'd done even more.

Beer. What more needs to be said? Well, OK, there is more: I like brewing my own, in addition to discovering new craft beers. It's not just about drinking, the creative aspect appeals to me. However, due to "life circumstances" I have not been able to brew any in quite a few years. I hope to get back to brewing soon, and with better results than before.