Planting Trees in Klamath National Forest

As I mentioned in a blog post about my fantasy novels, I decided to start off the 2018 Christmas gift-giving season by giving a gift to the planet, by having the Arbor Day Foundation plant 20 trees in Klamath National Forest. According to the Arbor Day Foundation:

Found along the border of California and Oregon, Klamath National Forest offers a wide array of natural diversity and 200 miles of river system. There’s also plenty of opportunity for recreation. Rafting, fishing, hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing are among the most popular.

The Need for Trees

Multiple fires from 2013 to 2017 have taken their toll on this National Forest. The damage has affected not only critical habitat for the threatened northern spotted owl but also habitat for threatened and endangered coho salmon. And due to the large burn area in some regions of the forest, seed sources are minimal to non-existent.

Your generous support can make a real impact on Klamath National Forest by planting hundreds of thousands of trees including Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, white fir, and incense cedar. Reforestation efforts will shorten the time frame for establishing forest habitat for the northern spotted owl, protect aquatic habitat for coho salmon, provide slope stability, and reduce potential long-term erosion.

This planting is to be done in honor of my (now grown) children, since future generations will benefit from these trees. You can have trees planted in honor or memory of someone too, just visit the Arbor Day Foundation. You can have digital certificates like those shown below, or they can send something by mail. I'm just posting these on my site since not all of my kids want to hear from me anymore. If you choose the digital delivery option, you could print your own digital certificates or go paperless like me and post them online or send them via email.

[Tree Planting Certificate for Holly and Dan]
(PDF version)

[Tree Planting Certificate for Dana]
(PDF version)

[Tree Planting Certificate for Jared]
(PDF version)

[Tree Planting Certificate for Duncan]
(PDF version)