DVD@ccess Does Not Install in Windows Vista

Windows Vista

I wanted to test a DVD@ccess link on a DVD created with Apple DVD Studio Pro 4.0.3, on a Windows Vista machine. This requires installation of a program automatically included on the disc by Studio Pro, but running that program alerts the user that it requires an older version of Windows. Doing some looking online brought me to discussions about how DVD@ccess wasn't compatible with Vista.

The Fix: 

This was fairly easy because Vista simplified fixing it, although maybe not quite as obviously as one might hope for. After the initial installation failed, Vista prompted me about whether the program was installed correctly, whether I wanted to reinstall it with recommended settings, or whether I wanted to "Cancel" (the meaning of which was ambiguous). I chose the "recommended settings" option, hoping (but apparently not being able to ensure) it would install it in a way that it would think it was running under Windows XP. Worked fine -- Vista installed it so it would think it was installed under XP, and when I tested the DVD@ccess link, it performed as intended.