Add custom Android ringtones, alarms, and notifications

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Recent versions of Android

I wanted to add some custom sounds to my phone, which was running Android 6.

The Fix: 

This isn't fixing a problem per se, and as "hacks" go it's pretty weak, but various other guides I found online were just too long and wordy. If you don't need to have your hand held through every step, here's what you need to know. You can use a short, small MP3 file, added to the appropriate folder (Ringtones, Alarms, or Notifications). If you don't know how to create an MP3 file or get it to the right folder on your phone or tablet, a more verbose guide will be of interest. This is just for those who know their way around the relevant technology! (And for my future reference, as always.) You can use the attached file for testing if you don't already have a file to use.

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Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike