Mobile Device Data

The following is a current snapshot of the status of my mobile devices. Technologies integrated in this demonstration include Tasker, the MQTT Publisher plugin for Tasker, Mosquitto, openHAB, CodeIgniter (PHP framework), and more. See explanatory notes below regarding this data, or a detailed overview of how things fit together.

DeviceBattery ChargeCurrent StateLast known power up/down
Mobile phoneUninitialized%UninitializedUninitialized

Notes about the values shown in the table:

  • The devices are not queried directly but instead send telemetry reports every five minutes or whenever a device event occurs. In particular, the battery charge values may be up to five minutes old.
  • The values are not "live," they are loaded at page-load time and will not update without reloading the page. Repeatedly reloading the page is discouraged and almost certainly boring. If you want to see a value change, wait 10 minutes or so between reloads (and even then nothing may change if I'm not actively using a device).
  • If any of the values are blank, it means there was a problem somewhere along the chain that will almost certainly clear itself up after awhile.
  • Sometimes a device, especially the tablet, will power off without sending a notice. If that happens, the data will show that it is still powered on when it is actually powered off.