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As hinted by the URL, this blog used to be focused specifically on my DreamPlug devices. After doing very little with them for several years, I decided in 2022 to expand the scope of this blog to all tech-related topics, which will give me much more to write about. See the 25 JUN 2022 entry for more information and an explanation of "Tooey."

Bluetooth and Randomness

I finally got around to making sure the never-used Bluetooth feature on my DreamPlug will never be left on. I was thinking that I didn't own anything that used Bluetooth, but apparently my mobile phone has some sort of Bluetooth support; however, whatever it does apparently doesn't interest me because I've never looked at it. :) It's probably just for headset support, though, so I doubt it's at all relevant to the DreamPlug.

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More fun with the LEDs

Hey, if I can't get Kerberos working, I can at least play with flashing lights, right?

While I originally thought it might be possible to dim the DreamPlug LEDs, I now believe that is probably not possible. However, they're really just decorative (other than the power LED). In other words, if my WiFi suddenly stopped working because something crashed or locked up, it wouldn't turn off the WiFi status light. As such, I decided it makes the most sense to just leave them off. I don't know how much power they draw or heat they generate, but it's all cost and no benefit.

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Some Early Impressions... and Kerberos

Now that I've had the DreamPlug for a few days, it's time to share some early impressions...

I wasn't really sure what to expect, usability-wise, so I can't say I'm overly disappointed or overly pleased. Some things worked out nicely, many things I'm still working on. It was easy to ssh in to the DreamPlug after I connected it, I just had to see what IP was assigned by the router. Getting Kerberos working, on the other hand, has not only not been easy, but I still have not managed to complete that task.

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Introduction and Background

This was originally posted in a private newsgroup for my primary Web host, pair Networks, but I decided to make a blog out of it because some of the information I share might be useful outside of that limited audience.

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