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As hinted by the URL, this blog used to be focused specifically on my DreamPlug devices. After doing very little with them for several years, I decided in 2022 to expand the scope of this blog to all tech-related topics, which will give me much more to write about. See the 25 JUN 2022 entry for more information and an explanation of "Tooey."

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Another change of plans!

I've decided to wipe the slate clean and start over on my personal site. As a result, there be no more posts in my technology blog and all existing posts (and comments) will be gone.

I haven't decided on a date for this, but it will be soon. I had the site offline for several days and was going to go straight to the new version, but decided to reopen the old site long enough to communicate what will be happening.

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New Blog Title, Expanded Focus, Same URL

I have multiple blogs on my site. I started my technology blog with a narrow focus on what I was doing with DreamPlug devices, even though that is just a tiny percentage of my overall technology experience. I decided today that I would expand the scope of this blog to be about technology in general, since I have done almost nothing with my DreamPlugs for years, and there are many tech topics I'd like to blog about which have nothing to do with DreamPlugs. I decided to leave existing URLs alone, to avoid breaking links (if any), so the URL for the main page for the blog still hints that I started this to talk about DreamPlugs. However, the URLs for new posts will refer to the new blog title.

The title had to change, to remove the DreamPlug reference, and for some reason "Tooey's Tech" popped into my head. I haven't used or even accepted Tooey (derived from Stuey/Stewie) as a nickname for over 4 decades. For many years it had bad personal connotations for me, bringing back some very hard years and ugly experiences. Yet I like the alliteration in this new title, so I'll reclaim that nickname if only for this blog.

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Prebuilt vs Making Your Own

This blog post is not about the DreamPlug per se but it relates to plug computing and low-cost, low-power project-oriented computers (e.g., the Raspberry Pi) in general, and how they compare to embedded computers in prebuilt systems. In particular, I'm going to describe my experiences with an Insteon starter kit that I bought at Costco. I decided to go with Insteon for simplicity as well as cost — the starter kit offered a lot of gear for a relatively low price compared to buying separate pieces of a system. It was my hope/assumption that buying a prebuilt system would save me some time and hassle, so that I could get the core functions I wanted relatively quickly. Having spent the money, I'd like to say "Insteon did not disappoint" – but the opposite is true.

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Recent Developments, and a JTAG interface

It's been awhile since I've posted anything in this blog because, for the most part, I felt "done" with the DreamPlug. It wasn't necessarily doing everything I wanted it to, but it was definitely serving as a more full-featured replacement for my (bricked) Buffalo LinkStation NAS, and I even got LDAP and Kerberos working (finally) and have started converting local systems so that they use Kerberos and LDAP instead of local-only user accounts. Alas, there is probably no such thing as "done" when it comes to any computer.

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Success with Kerberos and LDAP!

Due to some grumbling among the users (a.k.a., family members) about the name I assigned to the DreamPlug — hard to spell, hard to type, etc., etc. — I decided to change the hostname of the device to something shorter and easier to type. I knew this could open a can of worms with configuration issues, so I was pretty careful. The one thing I wasn't sure about was the Kerberos database. Now, if you've followed along with this saga, you might wonder why I bothered to keep the never-properly-functional Kerberos setup on DreamPlug. I guess it boils down to a mix of being stubborn and sloppy.

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