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This part of my site is for the geeks in the crowd. Not the "I can click around the Web, so I'm computer literate" types, but the types who build Web applications, or other software, or robots, or other hardware, etc., for fun and sometimes even profit!

Since I've been shifting my attention to photography and videography, my self-published software has become largely outdated. My most-recent program is RotoTexter 1.6, which is a Windows-based freeware utility that provides the same features as my online ROT13/ROT47 encoder, plus text file handling. Download the self-installing rotxtr16.exe (see attachment below, requires VB6 runtimes).

You might find the following of interest:

I have a slowly-growing collection of solutions to various technical problems that I've experienced as a software/Web developer, computer/network administrator, etc.

Of course, it wouldn't be a real geek page if it didn't mention GNU/Linux! (And yes, I do think it is appropriate to include the GNU prefix.) I started using GNU/Linux in the mid-90s, starting with Slackware and staying with it for a long time. I've recently been using OpenSUSE, though, as I have less time to tinker and more tolerance for not having things exactly the way I want. And yes, for now I'm also still a Windows user (and lately a Mac OS X user), although I refuse to upgrade beyond Windows 2000 and I am working on eliminating Windows entirely.

Speaking of making this page a "real geek page" I should also include a link to my PGP public keys... or something like that. I've also posted an old academic paper, Examining the Validity of World-Wide Web Usage Statistics, because that seems an appropriately geeky sort of thing to do.

This site is hosted by pair Networks, and I have no qualms recommending them if you're looking for a non-Windows hosting service. Click here to get started!

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