Stuart's Bookshelf

Welcome to my (old) virtual bookshelf!

This page is pretty much outdated, and I'm only keeping it to avoid breaking links that I can't update (such as those in printed books).

Please visit my author site——for information about my books, options for reading some of my books for free, and useful information for staying informed of new releases via my newsletter and/or social networking sites.

Alternatively, if you just want to find an online bookstore to buy one of my books, you might find my Books2Read profile useful.

From Surveys to Reviews

You might have seen a note in the back of a book suggesting that you visit this page to answer a survey about the book. Those surveys are no longer available. However, if you could take the time to post an honest review I would really appreciate it, as might other potential readers. You can post reviews on a retailer's site, like, or on a book-related site like Goodreads or LibraryThing.