Can I Visit The World?

Wouldn't it be great to visit every country at least once? I think the experience of seeing so much of our world would be very enlightening. I've visited or lived in a few countries in North America and Europe, but there is a lot of the world I have not yet seen.

I may not be able to visit every country in person, but what if my books could? As I thought about that, I decided to set an open-ended goal for myself of having one book sold in every country. It's not likely that I will ever reach them all, but I know I have books in a good number of countries already. Starting now, I'm going to try to reach as many countries as I can and keep track of them here on my site. Read on for details about how you can join me on my world tour by books!

The easiest way to join me on the tour is to just click over to the results page, linked above, and see what countries are listed. To get more involved, you can share this project with people you know, especially if you can send this information across borders. For maximum involvement, you can buy one of my books! This can be done through a US retailer, of course, but there are non-US alternatives to that, including regional sites for Amazon, Kobo, and others. In some cases you may be able to order a paperback through your nearest bookstore.

For example, Amazon has non-US sites including: United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, India, and Japan.

If you buy a book, the next step is to tell me about it by submitting the purchase report form. I will then add your information to the results page. The information in the list will include your name (in whatever format you provide), your country, and which book(s) you purchased. If you wish, you can optionally include a link to a photo that you've taken that shows the area where you live.

I hope this project can be interesting and fun even if you don't get actively involved. If you have thoughts about how I could make it better, feel free to share in the comments!

Edited to add: I will also keep track of US states, to see if my books can "visit" each state.

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