Top 3 Alternatives For Staying Informed

I'll lay it out straight: My fan newsletter is really the best way to stay on top of what I'm up to writing-wise. It doesn't cost anything, and there's no effort involved, it just shows up once a month in your inbox. But backing up a step, why would I talk on this blog about alternatives to this blog? One simple reason: I've decided to pare down the amount of time and attention that I spend on this blog so I can focus more on writing books instead of blog posts. This change is one aspect of a strategic shift this year, to produce a lot more book-ready content.

I will continue to post here, but I will no longer stress about making a post every Friday (which I was never good at anyway). I've removed my "post weekly blog entry" recurring task on Todoist. So if you want to stay informed about my writing, I highly recommend subscribing to my fan newsletter! Read on for two other alternatives.

Another good alternative for staying informed about my writing projects and progress is to become a patron on Patreon. This is not free, unlike the newsletter, but for a mere $1/month you will have access to things that other people do not, and you'll be among the first to know about new developments. While the fan newsletter will keep you informed, my patrons on Patreon are often informed first.

If you don't want to have any more email in your inbox, and you don't want to financially support my creative efforts via Patreon, then the next best thing would be to use social networks, specifically either Google+ or Twitter. You can also "Like" my Facebook Page, but because Facebook is stingy about showing posts from Pages, it's not a particularly good way to stay informed. However, if Facebook is your thing and Twitter and Google+ are not, then that Facebook Page is better than nothing!

If you still prefer to read this blog, I certainly won't argue! :) However, I recommend using the RSS feed for it so that you don't need to check my site for updates.

Thanks for reading!

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