Three Ways to Get Free Kindle Books

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I have written before about not needing a Kindle to read Kindle books. In this blog post I want to share something similar. I will describe three (legal!) ways you can read Kindle books without paying for them, and I don't mean free books either. There are plenty of those, of course, some of which are "perma-free" and some, like Two Boys, Two Planets today, are only free for limited times. However, there are also plenty of non-free books that you can read without paying for them. Read on for details!

There is a "catch," if you want to call it that, for two of the three methods, in that there is a payment involved. However, it's not a payment for the book you want to read. Before I describe those two methods, which take advantage of two separate programs that Amazon offers, I will describe the method of reading a non-free Kindle book at no cost to you at all. That method is to have someone loan it to you! For books that have lending enabled, any previous buyer can loan the book one time to one person. You'll have a limited time to read it, but I believe it is two weeks, so it's not overly restrictive. As long as you can find someone who bought the Kindle edition of the book and hasn't used this option yet, and you can convince them to loan it to you, you can read it at no cost.

The next method for reading non-free Kindle books for free is through an Amazon offering called the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL). While you don't pay to use the library or for the books you borrow from it, this program does require you to own a Kindle device that you would need to buy (or receive as a gift, prize, etc.), and you must be an Amazon Prime member, which is not freeā€”but you can use that link to sign up for a free trial! This program allows you to borrow one eligible book each month. Not all books are available, but many are.

The second, newer program is Kindle Unlimited. This program does not require you to own a Kindle device, so you're welcome to use the Kindle interface of your choice, which could just be your browser if you use the Cloud Reader. Refer to the first link in this post if you don't know what other options are available. With this program, you pay a low monthly fee and then you can read as many eligible books as you want.

Now that you know three ways to read non-free books for free, you might have one more question: Where will you find the time to read all those great books? And as much as I like to be helpful, that's one question I can't answer. Good luck, and happy reading!

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