I Am Thankful For Other Writers

It's Thanksgiving here in the United States, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank other writers who have helped me over the years and especially in the past year. While none of them can perform magic to make my older writing projects perform better in the marketplace, in various ways they have helped me press on with new projects that I hope will reach much larger audiences. Some, like Emily, have known me for many years, while others, such as Lynn, are more recent acquaintances. The help I have received from other writers has ranged from moral support to technical information to market understanding, and I am thankful to them all for giving me the confidence to continue writing with the hope of achieving commercial success as well as artistic expression.

There is a vast number of active writers all over the world, but the community of independent writers who share information, support, and ideas online is much smaller. I am thankful for people such as Boyd, Libbie, and Alison who have helped me understand the market for books better; Scott, Piers, and Val for shedding even more light on the path ahead; Jan, Aimee, and others for giving a boost to my marketing ideas even if they weren't particularly promising; Angela, Ashley, and others for giving me specific feedback about projects I've been working on; and many others such as K.D. and Ksenia for making the solitary activity of writing feel less alone.

There are definitely more people that I would like to list here, but trying to fit a list of names into text gets a bit challenging! In general, if you are a writer who has interacted with me and helped keep me going with my writing, I hope you understand how meaningful it is to me and how grateful I am to you.

For any non-writers who stumble across this blog post, I hope you'll consider clicking on some of the names above to see what these other writers have published, in case something catches your eye. Don't forget, books make great Christmas gifts. ;-)

Apologies to Libbie for spelling her name wrong... and not noticing it for months... :(

Photo credit: Seemann on morgueFile.com. Used under license.

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