Summer Reading Promotion: Children's Books for 99 Cents!

If you have a young reader in your family and would like a chance to load up your Kindle with some inexpensive summer reading for them, go take advantage of this weekend's special offer where multiple authors agreed to price their children's books at 99 cents. This is a promotion that I set up with the intent of promoting my own children's book (Two Boys, Two Planets) as well as books from as many other authors as possible. Due to a last-minute pricing glitch, I didn't get to include my own book, but of course I wasn't going to cancel the promotion just because of that. Books included in the promotion cover a wide range of reading ages from beginning readers up to middle grades.

I set up this site originally as a way to experiment with running multi-author promotions using Drupal. When I first started working on the site, I did not even have a promotion in mind. I knew that I wanted to find a genre that did not already have a lot of multi-author promotions and I realized that I had not seen any for children's books. I had hoped that I would be able to bring in more writers who wanted to promote their books, but we ended up with almost two dozen books to choose from, so I guess that is pretty good for a first try.

I have not yet announced any specific plans for future promotions, but I am considering doing another one for children's books in August or September as a back-to-school event. I also have an idea for even later in the year which will be more about a specific category of author instead of a book genre. Because the site was never set up specifically for one genre, I don't feel the need to run regular promotions, unlike some other genre-specific promotion sites.

Go take a look at the books in this weekend's promotion, and leave a comment here if you find something of interest!

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