It Started With a Wire

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This past week was far more chaotic than I could have anticipated, and it all started with a wire. When I first set up my home office, over five years ago, I arranged the desks in the one arrangement that seemed to make sense. Over the years I tried to find alternatives but never could find something that worked. Then, this week, I needed to plug something in and realized I couldn't. I was aware that I needed to distribute my electricity-gobblers better, but didn't run out of electrical access until this week. (Better to be pushed into it this way than by an electrical fire, of course!)

Not being able to put it off any longer, I measured my office space and all of the furniture in it, created a 2D paper model, and started pushing things around the easy way before doing it the hard way. I finally came up with an "OK" layout – not great, but still functional. Yet... despite being motivated to rearrange things based on electrical supply, what was the one thing I didn't put on my diagram? Yeah... that's when the "fun" started.

My main desk is a steel behemoth that weighs more than I do. Well, that's probably true when the loaded drawers are in it, so of course I pulled those out before moving the desk, but even without the drawers this thing is really heavy. Probably two-thirds of my weight at least. Anyway, I inched it over to where my paper model said it belonged (after moving away the furniture previously in that location, of course), and... the desk blocked an outlet that I needed to keep free. Good idea: Write outlets on that ol' room diagram. Hindsight, right?

I ended up rotating the desk 90 degrees, forcing an unplanned change in my office layout. Now, if my office wasn't already a cluttered mess interesting collection of items this might not have been a problem. But the reality of my office is not fit for any interior design magazines, so the chaos started to grow. That was days ago and no, it's not all sorted out yet.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to take care of clients and all of other day-to-day obligations that don't disappear when things don't go as planned. Or when you hurt yourself amid the process of things not going as planned. Or when the car starts to say "I'm about to leave you stranded" while trying to handle those daily obligations. Or when... oh, never mind. You get the picture.

But guess what: Amid the chaos, I got some writing done. I made progress on the novel I'm hoping to finish in the next week so I'll have it done before NaNoWriMo starts. I even created a writing exercise for non-writers in the hope of helping people who aren't participating in NaNoWriMo understand what WriMos like me are trying to do in November. And I finally got Wolf Block to be free on Amazon. Progress was made despite the other problems, so I'm happy about that.

Now, back to sorting things out!

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