Short Is As Short Does (or something)

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This is going to be a short blog post. And you know what else is short? "Tramp Avatar," a short story in the Journey to Yandol, and other stories short collection of short stories. Know what else (else) is short? Me. And you know what else (else (else)) is short? My funds for donating. And you... wait, I ran out of short things to mention. But this all has a point, believe it or not, which I will get to... shortly. But for that point to make any sense, I should introduce you to Sigil. Read on and you'll see how all of this ties together into something less crazy than it sounds. Oh, and since NaNoWriMo is starting around the globe as I write this, be sure to complete this little task if you're not a writer participating this year (and then come back to read this short blog post).

First, Sigil is free software that allows you to create and edit e-books in ePUB format. I have used it quite a bit for my own books and for clients, and I'm very grateful to have a powerful tool like Sigil, at no cost, to enable that work. I really want to donate something toward its continuing development, but my personal funds are a little limited right now. (Ha, euphemism of the year right there....) I don't have many clients, the clients I do have usually don't need anything more than the "basic" package and I don't charge much for that, and – to be painfully honest – my book sales are few and far between.

So to get to the point—this being a short blog post—I decided that I will donate to Sigil all royalties earned during November on sales of Journey to Yandol, and other stories. The e-book edition is only 99 cents, so why not go grab a copy for yourself? It's available for Kindle, NOOK, and Kobo, and via Google Play too. Or grab a copy of the paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or elsewhere, if e-books are not your thing. Be sure to let me know what you think of "Tramp Avatar," which is the shortest story in the book.

If you know others who like to read science fiction, please let them know about this offer (or just send them a link to the book) so that hopefully the amount I donate in December is not too short!

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