Rare First Printing Up For Auction

If you ever wanted a first-printing copy of my first paperback, now is your chance. With only about six ever printed, they are rare indeed, and this is my only copy. I did not plan to sell it, but as the auction listing indicates, financial needs overrule creative wants. If you're the winner of the auction, I will either autograph it or leave it as-is, it's up to you. Read on for more details about the book and the few copies of it that exist.

This collection of science fiction short stories was my first foray into print-on-demand self-publishing of paperbacks. It was printed through CafePress... which is not at all an endorsement of using their services for books, as they are not set up for professional-level publishing services. (On the other hand, they have some other nifty stuff, if a bit on the expensive side.) Journey to Yandol, and other stories is now printed through CreateSpace and available through a wide variety of book retailers, online and off. I would not expect it to be in-stock at any physical store, but it should be available for special order.

During its time as a CafePress book, I sold two copies. I also ordered at least two for myself—the one I have up for auction, and one that I sent to our troops in Iraq for their down-time reading entertainment. It's possible that I ordered another copy or two, but I'm guessing the total number of copies of this printing is well under ten, and possibly five or fewer. It's definitely "rare" but, of course, rarity alone does not imply value. Maybe it's worthless now and always will be. Maybe it has a token value now but will be worth much more later if, against the odds, I become a famous writer. Or something.

I'll be interested to see if anyone bids on it. I have no expectations either way, it's just something I decided to try, and then sit back and see what happens. Luckily there were no insertion fees, so if it doesn't sell, the only cost was a bit of time to write up the auction and prepare the photos.

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