Can I Raise a Thunderclap?

I'm not asking for money, but if you would donate a Tweet or a post on Facebook or Tumblr I would sincerely appreciate it! This month I decided to use Thunderclap to try to spread the word about the release of Extra Credit: Loyalty! and I need to get 100 supporters before the release date for the Thunderclap to go out. Would you be willing to help me announce my book release? If you join the Thunderclap you'll be eligible for an e-book copy of my new novel, and you'll also be eligible (if you're in the US) to win a print copy of both books in the series.

I learned about the Thunderclap service many months ago when I joined a Thunderclap to support someone else. This is my first time trying to use it for one of my own projects. I don't have a lot of "social reach" so it seems unlikely at this point that I'll get to the minimum of 100 supporters in timeā€”but if I do, it will help reach many more people than I could do alone with my announcement of my latest novel.

Although it's not set up yet, this novel will also be the first one for me to use the pre-order feature that Amazon offers indie publishers through their KDP service. If all goes well, Extra Credit: Loyalty! should be available for pre-order by early next week. I've read "mixed reviews" from other indie authors about the pre-order option; with no consensus, I want to try it myself.

If you decide to join my Thunderclap, you have my sincere thanks!

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