A One-Step Shortcut for eBook Formatting

Update: For the latest on having me help you with your book project, please see my Introduction to Crenel Publishing blog post!

You have spoken! Well, mostly you have written. My earlier blog post — How To Format a Children's Book for the Kindle — has generated more interest than any other post in this blog, or probably any of my blogs. The message is pretty clear: A step-by-step process is handy, but the process is still daunting. So, I'm going to offer to simplify it for you, down to one shortcut step. That shortcut? Let me do it for you. (Despite the focus of the earlier blog post, this is not limited to children's books.)

I'm not making a business of this (yet), so I'm not going to set a price for it. On the other hand, time-wise, I can't afford to do it for free. So, I will let you set the price, at least for now. If you would rather delegate the formatting of your ebook, you just need to decide how much that savings of time & hassle is worth to you, and make me an offer. Then, click the Contact Me link, use the "I want help formatting my ebook" category, and put your offer in the "Message" part of the form. I will get back to you to work out the details. I reserve the right to say no, such as if you offer five bucks to format a long, complex book, but I do want to help people get their work out there so I plan to be reasonable.

Apart from just helping pay the bills, so to speak, funds received this way will probably go toward launching the small publishing company that I am interested in starting. If that happens, I will probably shift ebook formatting from a personal activity without a set price to an activity handled by the company with a more formal price structure. For now, this is just a way for me to help those who don't feel comfortable tackling the process on their own. Apart from the experience of formatting my own books, I've been authoring and formatting online content for over 15 years, so I'm not new to handling digital content. I might as well use that experience to help my fellow authors!

By Stuart Whitmore

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