No Excuses, Start Reading E-Books

When I saw the "Black Friday" price on Amazon for their lowest-cost Kindle—less than $50—I thought to myself, "this is it." In this case, "it" means the time when excuses about not reading e-books have basically evaporated. Whether you go for an e-ink reader like that base level Kindle, or a tablet, or a laptop, or a TV screen, or a desktop computer, you can find a display that you find comfortable and a price within your budget (because some options are free). Not convinced? Read on!

In the past there were some significant barriers that kept some people away from reading e-books. The key word there is "past." Whatever your main reason, or two main reasons, may be for avoiding e-books, I'm confident that now you can find a way past the obstacle(s). I'll even help you… really! If you think you have an unbeatable obstacle, leave a comment here and I will work with you to help you find a solution to reading e-books. It's in my interest as an author, of course, but I also know that I've started reading a lot more since I started reading e-books in addition to print editions, and I want to share the joy of reading with others.

Some of the obstacles that have been mentioned to me in the past include:

Price: Well, how does free sound? You can get free software for your computer or a free app for your phone or tablet, and then download one, or two, or a dozen (or more!) titles from a huge and ever-changing selection of free books. You can fill your virtual library with both new titles and "classics" at no cost at all. Pick up a free copy of my sci-fi novelette Wolf Block while you're at it! Plus, with e-ink readers under $100 (and under $50 on sale), anyone with even a modest budget for discretionary purchases may be able to afford a dedicated reading device.

Physical comfort: Comfort is a matter of matching your experience to your preferences. What one person finds comfortable, another person might find literally painful. With so many options now, you can start by deciding what is comfortable for you and then choose the physical reading experience to match. With so many choices, you should be able to find something that meets your needs, and by focusing on comfort to begin with, you're almost guaranteed to be comfortable when you read your first e-book.

Visual comfort: Like physical comfort, each person has different preferences and tolerances when it comes to reading digital text. That's one area where I was lucky, as I've been quite comfortable with a huge array of visual interfaces over the years. Most people aren't as flexible, though, but once again it comes down to options. Want or need huge text and only in small amounts at a time? That's an option. Want to look at a two-page spread that emulates a real book? That's an option too. Want white text on a black background? Yep, just another option. Need a no-glare screen? Want vibrant color? Options! Choose something that looks "pretty good" and then customize it to be "really good," and then you'll be reading happily without thinking about the fact that it's not on paper.

I still enjoy print editions of books and magazines, but I consume a lot more electronically than I do on paper these days. Many obstacles are behind us now. What's your excuse? That's right, you don't have one! So get set up for e-reading—remember, I'll help you if you want—and then go read an e-book! (Not sure where to start? A mere 99 cents will get you Journey to Yandol, and other stories!)

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