More Deals For You, More Fun For Me

If you like stories with mystery, suspense, and thrills, this is a great weekend for you! Over thirty Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller books have been marked down on June 11 and 12 to the affordable price of… Free! This is the latest multi-author promotional event that I have joined, and in this case you can go to the promo page to get a free copy of Extra Credit: Loyalty! for the Kindle. Be sure to check out the other titles from the other authors, as there are many to choose from. Considering that my book in this promotion is the second in a series, I thought it would make sense to make the first book free also. Therefore, you can also get a free copy of Lesson One: Revolution! for the Kindle on the same dates as the main promotion. Read on for even more information about multi-author promos.

In a previous blog post I talked about how much value I found in multi-author promos. I have been able to successfully use them to increase readership and sales of the titles that I already have on the market. While participating in them, I also noticed that the people who ran them sometimes experienced technical problems that I thought would be avoidable if they changed technology. In particular, I thought it would be useful to build a promotion site based on the Drupal site software.

After pondering it for a while, I decided to go ahead and create a proof-of-concept site using Drupal 8. Although it still needs some style adjustments, the functionality of the site is now in place and I am running my own multi-author promotion this month for children’s books. That promotion will feature over a dozen children’s e-books that have been price down to 99 cents, and that price will be valid on June 18 and 19. You can get a sneak peek at the promotion at the following URL:

If you are an indie author, you are welcome to add your own books to that site even if you do not wish to participate in a multi-author promo. As you can see on the promo page, there is a link at the bottom that leads to the larger site that includes books not in the promo. I can’t guarantee any certain level of exposure at this point, but listing books on the site is free. If you want to take advantage of that opportunity, create an account, wait for me to approve it, and then add your books. Of course, if you're a children's book author, I encourage you to price one of your e-books down to 99 cents for that weekend and join the promo!

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