Making Strides in 2018

In my last blog post I talked about a renewed sense of determination to get things back on track after a very destructive year. So far, 2018 is off to a great start and things are looking up, although I certainly can't take anything for granted. It's early still, but if I can get things to continue snowballing in a good way instead of a bad way, this year should be a stark contrast to the last one! I've already released one new work (The Vengeance of Mirickar) and I have more on the way. Continue reading to find out more about what has been keeping me busy in recent weeks.

I'm pretty busy, so I'll be brief as I cover recent developments:

  • New fantasy novella released. As mentioned above, I released The Vengeance of Mirickar, which is a fantasy novella that introduces a world that will be featured in novels that I plan to start releasing in a few weeks. The novella and the series can be read separately, neither relies on the other, so feel free to get started now. :)
  • BookFunnel bundles. I've been participating in book bundles on BookFunnel and this has been a great way to introduce my work to new readers and invite readers to subscribe to my newsletter. At this moment, I have a book in three different bundles, although one is about to end. If you want to load up your e-reader for free, check out:
  • New mailing list. Last year I ended my older newsletter that I ran through MailChimp. I have now started a fresh newsletter that I am managing myself using some open source software. (Sign up if you'd like to stay informed!) Largely thanks to the BookFunnel bundles, this new newsletter is off to a strong start.
  • SSL support. Thanks to an upgrade at the Web hosting company I use, I have now enabled SSL on my sites. This should help with search engine rankings and more.
  • New place to live. One of the biggest changes of 2018 is that I'm no longer technically homeless. I've been struggling to get things together for several months, and in January I was able to move in to an apartment by myself. The flexibility to manage my schedule, the lack of interruptions, and the ability to set up my technology for maximum efficiency are all boosting my productivity while also reducing the stress that has so hindered my creative output in recent years.

As I mentioned on Twitter, my main intent with writing is not to create a literary masterpiece, but just to provide some entertainment so my readers can escape their daily lives for a little while. If you grab a copy of The Vengeance of Mirickar you will (hopefully!) be entertained while at the same time helping me pursue the goal of providing even more entertainment!

One step at a timeā€”but the biggest and fastest steps that I can manage!

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